Now you can...

*Order Special Lunch online until Thursday, September 4 at 9 AM

*Volunteer to serve Special Lunch online 

(Individuals may sign up to volunteer to help with Special Lunch ONCE A MONTH.  This will allow more parents to have the opportunity to volunteer.)


IMPORTANT -   If you've already created an account, please use the login button in the upper right hand corner to access your information.  


To start ordering, click on Hot Lunch and then select Ordering/View Orders.

If you decide to pay with a credit card, you will pay separately for each child.


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The instructions on this website are very straightforward in taking you through the ordering process. Read the top of each page before you begin.

In the event that you may need help, please FIRST contact us by email
at and THEN by calling Lisa Kramer @ (847)272-7750 

Please be aware that if your computer does not have the correct cookies or settings, you should try another computer before contacting us; this will usually solve the problem.  You may use any computer - at home, the library, at work, etc. - that has internet access.

PLEASE be sure to fill out your member profile completely before ordering lunches!   You will not have access to ordering until you and your child(ren)'s information is entered into the system (member profile will be an option in the gray bar at the top of the page after you log in.)



Friday, August 15th AND WILL CLOSE Thursday, September 4 at 9 AM

**First step to order:
Click on: account request link


The 2014-2015 Special Lunch Committee
Lisa Kramer, Tracy Link, Cindy Miller, Mara Lappin, Michelle Steele, Susie Smith and Cori Yoss  




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